Thursday, April 7, 2011

Release package downloads now available on Google Code Project Site

Hi everyone,
as Magnus has already announced yesterday, release packages are now distributed via Google Code here. The old release packages will no longer be updated.

I will update the release packages on the project site as often as possible, to keep it close to the current development head.


hottuna said...

Very nice to see :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Keep up the good work. I hope more and more people will contribute and more and more people will start using it for there is a need to provide the internet with another layer that's uncontrolled by anyone.

Lucian Armasu said...
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Lucian Armasu said...

Seems like you've planned this project very well so far. How would this project relate to the various open mesh networks out there? Could the Phantom protocol be used for an open mesh network? I found a complete list of them on Quora, maybe you want to check them out:

P.S. Have you considered a more friendly name for your project? I fear it sounds too "underground" and might fuel Governments' reactions towards it and the mainstream might get a "bad feeling" about it when they hear it on the news. Having an underground name might help with some early adopters, but in the end it might cause more friction than it's necessary. Perhaps you'll consider a more inspiring name, something that could get people behind it more easily. Something that people will WANT to defend even when they know little about it.

Forgot to add, would this work on mobile phones, too, to connect them between each other? Because I definitely think that would be useful in the future as more people get smartphones. What would these smartphones require for this to work?

Lucian Armasu said...

Check this out, maybe you can tie it into your project (and perhaps Bitcoin, too):

Natanael said...

Windows/Cygwin support? I don't (yet) have Linux on this laptop.