Sunday, July 18, 2010

the good, the bad and the ugly licensing

Hello everyone,
first for the good news. Last week I sent some IP-traffic from application to pplication (and back) through a test phantom network for the first time. This is a big step for phantom I think and I am very glad I got it working so far.
The bad news is, due to private problems I have not been able to work too much in the recent time and so I have fallen behind on my schedule. Finishing my thesis in July is no longer just ambitious but turned into an impossibility during the last weeks. However I am feeling better and I am back at work. The planned schedule is about two or three more weeks of coding (I will not put too much effort in the DHT-part but concentrate mostly on improving routing path and tunnel code as well as the application interface (currently a tun device)). After that I will sit down and write the text part of my thesis - no summer vacation for me this year it seems :-(.
After that I will publish what has been done and hopefully a community will rise to take over where I have left off. For releasing the code to the public Magnus and I have been thinking about the right license but unfortunately we are both inexperienced in these things. If a noble reader of this blog feels like he can help us discuss our options or decide on a license, please feel free to contact me or Magnus.